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In SENFEX our mission is to gain consumer confidence, ensuring quality products, giving satisfaction to choosing the best decision has been with K - BRITA present the result of the development of dairy products from goat milking breeds Saanen, Toggenburg and British Alpina with great genetic potential.

Goat milk is possessing a lot of benefits, is a great source of vitamins and proteins, their fats are easily digestible and lactose level is lower referring to cow's milk; Studies indicate that consumption is beneficial goat milk for infants and lactose intolerant people.

Using best practices, animal welfare conditions, milking and feeding routines right tools to exploit the genetic potential of our herd goats, SENFEX, K-BRITA develops a variety of products to satisfy gourmet palates in the world, including :

  • UHT goat milk.

  • Fresh goat cheeses.

  • Cheeses ripened goat's milk.
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