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In SENFEX, we are ready to meet the growing demand for meat products in the world market, and through URUBEEF where we present the result of this determination, production and marketing of meat from cattle with guaranteed quality of Uruguay to the world .

Using the production system SENFEX, our cattle Angus and Hereford as a whole are served professionally at every stage of his life, from his birth, through breeding to fattening termination, in order to obtain a differentiated product in which we provide juiciness and tenderness in each of our courts.

URUBEEF has a product line of beef breed Angus and Hereford, which are suited to the demands of consumers, based on the production scheme that had the animal in their development, these are:

  • URUBEEF - GRASS FED: Cuts of meat from grazing systems fed meadows and forage crops, ensuring that the animal was from the farm to fork diner animals.

  • URUBEEF - GRAIN FED: This line ensures a fat content from the consumption of grains in the final stage of development of the animal, where a fattening process controlled in pens called "feedlots" was applied, giving a taste and tenderness that stands out in every cut of meat animal.

  • URUBEEF - HQL481: low production standards of European legislation called "quota 481", the animals are fed in pens, with a high calorie diet, providing exceptional quality, which stands on other cuts of meat from the same race.
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